The Hammer has travelled almost 12, 500 km (7,800 miles) through Europe after he came “across the pond” to England in November 2004.  Our Brothers and Sisters on “the Island” used the time between the snow and rain to travel from England to South Wales over to Ireland and Scotland and then back to London to cross the Channel.


On the 19th of February the Hammer crossed the Channel and reached France. Because of bad weather, it took almost two months to travel around France.


Finally on the 16th of April the Hammer arrived at the VRCC Chapter in Switzerland. In nine days the Hammer crossed the independent mountain country so that our friends in Italy were able to get their “hands on the Hammer” on the 22nd of April.


Sil and his friends—here I won’t be able to remember the famous Mario Moto—travelled over to Milan, Bergamo, Venice  and through the Alps to hand the Hammer over the Austrian Chapter.


The Hammer stayed two Weeks in Austria including a two day stop at a local rally in the beginning of May in southern Germany, also known as Bavaria.


Our friends from Austria started on the 14th of May to Krakow, Poland to hand the Hammer over to the Polish chapter. On the way, they rode through Cechnya. It is a great pity that they where not able to get in contact with the VRCC Members there.


The Polish chapter took an extraordinary route via Warsaw, Poznan and Gdansk over the Baltic Sea to Sweden. The way back home via the land route was 1670 km (1040 miles). Thumb’s up.


In Sweden the Hammer reached its farthest nothern point, Siljansnäs. To give you an idea of where this place lies in North America, put your finger in the middle of the Hudson Bay; pretty far north, isn’t it ;-)


The Hammer arrived in Germany on the 11th of June. Our Swedish friends had a nice weekend where they where guided through the red light district of Hamburg. They did get home save and secure, just in case you thought something different.


From the 17th until the 25th of June the Hammer was guided through the Netherlands and Belgium. Here he saw such famous places like the Atomium in Brussels.


On June the 25th he finally came back to Germany where travelled through Cologne, Koblenz and made a small stopover in Alsace-Lorraine to the 5th Annual German Rally in Hassfurt. After this amazing event he reached his final destination in Europe:  Berlin, the capital city of Germany. Many Members from the German VRCC Chapter and there friends will take part in these last few steps in the “Old World.”  On the 16th July he will go back “over the pond” to reach Paducah for the 5th Annual VRCC National Ride, set to start on the 20th of July.


Thanks to all the friends and members of the VRCC in Europe for their participation in this great adventure and to share some good memories with nice people.


Andy VRCC #7759

State Rep. Germany